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Lifetime Vision Care, P.A.
The Office of  Dr. Marc BergeronTherapeutic Optometrist
Dr. Marc Bergeron and the Lifetime Vision Care team are committed to personal, professional service and top quality products.  Our patients don't come to us looking for a "quickie" eye exam or cheap glasses.  So if you want glasses that last, contact lenses that work and an optometrist who listens, come to Lifetime Vision Care…and bring your sense of humor, because we think an eye exam should be fun!  We love seeing kids as young as 3 years old.  We also provide minor emergency eye care, sell discounted contact lenses online and give you the real scoop on LASIK. We're providers for most insurance companies and hope to see & serve you soon.
Our mission is to inform and educate every patient, so that together we can makethe best possible decision foryour vision and eye health care.We will accomplish this bypresenting you with a “plain English”explanation of your eye conditionand by taking the time toexplain and demonstrate thebest available treatment plansto promote better vision andeye health for you.

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  Apr 26th, 2012 by The Hound

Dr. Bergeron and the rest of the professional staff at Lifetine Vision Care really know how to take care of their patients. When I was diagnosed with cataracts, Dr. Bergeron explained in terms I could understand what was going on and provided several refrences for specialists. They even followed up to see how I was doing.

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